10 The Tyranny of Stuctureless tick box list
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We aim to tick EVERY box on this list.

I think we do this, can people feedback on any issues?

The Tyranny of Stuctureless

There are some principles we can keep in mind that are essential to democratic structuring and are also politically effective:

  • Point 1: we mediate the “Allocation of tasks along rational criteria” with tradition and workflow yes people to fill roles are chosen by lottery from the pool of interested and motivated persons. We have no-blame, easy “step down” workflow - the next person is immediately chosen from the pool. If a person who is clearly a troll or “trouble maker” holds a position they can easily be “recoiled” by the group/body/consensus of the voices, a new person is then immediately chosen by lottery to fill the role.

  • Point 2: we have an option to aid/onboard new roles by having a overlap with the old roll holder were they share the role.

  • Point 3: we have the option to stager the sortation of body members so only a % is chosen each 6 months as onbording of new members.