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The #OGB is not a traditional top down fight for power like the #'mainstreaming agenda, rather it is a bootem up grassroots fight for sharing power like meany of the 20th century social movement that created the current mainstreaming

The #OGB is a seed

Some questions answered on fediverse "governance"

“The is such a thing as society” we need to build our tools for this anti “common sense” statement.

The advantage of “governance” of the fediverse (which it needs if it is to become a part of our #openweb based society that is essential for social change/challenge in the era of #climatechaos) is that the is non, this is a good thing.

The Fediverse comes from the “cats” of libertarianism and to a lesser extent anarchism without the (O)

In this, we dont HAVE to think how it fits into current working practices and current economics. Rather, people PUSHING these “common sense” solutions to the fediverse “governance” problems are a part of the problem, not a solution that might work.

To be “native” to the fediverse we need to use code to build “society”. Organizing for SocialHub Community Empowerment has to be anti “common sense” as the fediverse itself is.

An important word that needs some thought is “permissionless”

The body is made up of three different, balanced groups:

Stakeholders - the people who do the work, who run/mod the fediverse Users - the people who use the tools/services, who use the fediverse The Affiliate Stakeholders - the people who commit time to support the work of the fediverse

This is a very broken web we live in so lets clarify issues. The names can change, they are placeholders

Anybody can become a stakeholder, in the case of the fediverse this is setting up and running an active instance - could use mastohost for the less technical to do this or a home hosted instance on a old laptop.

Ifs simple if a user wont to become a stakeholder setup and mod an instance.

Users are self-explanatory, they buy in but dont have time or focuses or inclination to run a part of the fedivers.

The Affiliate Stakeholders are a little more complex and are thus treated differently, its up to the body itself to decide if the play a active and useful role.

Importent to see that nothing in this is top down, nothing is elitist, nothing is discriminatory, nothing is undemocratic. Its #KISS and looks safe to the “normal world” while at the same time being native to the fediverse and its roots.

All the coding is #4opens and based on #activertypub

We need a grant to make this happen who is helping to write the grant app.

Undated text Online governance - openwebgovernancebody - Gitea: Open Media Network

this is link page. the project text page is here https://unite.openworlds.info/Open-Media-Network/openwebgovernancebody/wiki/Online-governance-

this is a in the same ball game https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Do-ocracy

Links to look at https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/what-would-a-fediverse-governance-body-look-like/1497/44