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The fediverse was created at least partly as a reaction to huge platforms like Twitter and Facebook that sell their user's behavior to advertisers etc. It has no center, or rather many independent centers, many hosts, many software creators, but somehow it all hangs together. People have been thinking it needs some kind of governance, among other reasons, to keep it all hanging together through many changes, and also maybe to fend off takeover attempts from surveillance capital. The typical approach to governance is a centralized body, which would be culturally alien. The OMN crew intends governance methods that fit the fediverse form and culture. This approach is worthy of trying and improving in practice.

  • Bob Haugen, mikorizal.org

I have always seen the internet as a tool for democracy and freedom of communication. As a long-term internet citizen, my perception has shifted as large Internet companies now have centralized the space where activists can post.

OGB (OpenWeb Governance Body) has come out of a collective need on the fediverse for some form of governance on mastodon and other apps in the fediverse.

While it is a decentralized federation, a few large networks can dominate the space. While the internet has standards bodies like the IETF and W3C, these bodies are seen as remote. The average citizen on the fediverse has no access to these processes. The creation of these standards and governance are open. However, there are barriers to this as these are technical standards.

On the larger social networks, citizens on those networks have less ownership of what they put on that network. As well as how much change they can enable on that network.

What OMN is proposing is a system of governance and collective ownership of the fediverse. A system of support for activists and instance owners alike.

Esther Payne