7 Looking at existing projects
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Foundation funding agenders oftern have a bad affect on open projects agenders.

https://decidim.org is #NGO process this like https://www.loomio.org this has been imposed lots of time in activism and has always failed. Formal process is a BAD tool for "herding cats"

Looking through https://www.loomio.org for a week and its the same ideas/workflows that were pushed onto climatecamp, indymedia and occupy in the first two case it ossified the projects in the last it was a mess.

These #process geeks have not changed, their projects are a bad fit for life and a terrible fit for the #fediverse or actavisam.

Though they might work for #NGO and more formal #coop organising.


https://activism.openworlds.info/web/statuses/106172789406318487 https://activism.openworlds.info/web/statuses/100295941189430254

More on governance of fedi