5 Security privacy
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The best #openweb technology can offer you is obfuscation.


  1. Don’t digitize anything you wont to keep private. If you do don’t put it on a Internet connected device.

  2. If you have to use online services use peer to peer encryption such as http://signal.org do not rely on any project that is client/server.

  3. Private stuff should be said/whispered some were safe.

For more information on digital security https://ssd.eff.org

Be wary of #closedweb tools to get security or privacy.

The #dotcons are never secure/ privacy respecting. The root problem is their legal standing vs the state and Surveillance/ad based business models that sustain them.

The #encyprionists offer security but the devices they run there “secure” networks on top are themselves inherently insecure. At root obfuscation with no guaranty of security or privacy. This technology “might” work for a small number of people but it becomes dangerous to push for the majority of people who use such services.


The advantage of signal is UI like mastodon its a good tool for step outreach to #openweb

This is a argument about the power of #open vs the power of #closed

if #closed is broken then we don’t really have a choice.

Am not against the #encryptionists but for the last 10 years the balance has been out. The future is 90% open and 10% closed not the other way round.

We need to address the #geekproblem and highlight the need for re-balance.