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Activist and NGO installs of a #4opens Mastodon micro blogging project to help/give an option for people move off the #dotcon world.

This tag organizing is a bit hit and miss, groups on mastodon would be nice

Am hoping to finish some outreach text for the gathering over the next few days. is anyone up for some mainstream'ish media outreach.

Ideas for adding instance subjects/tags to the join mastodon page?

lets push mastodon wider in the UK.

Please update and add to this wiki

**Open Process **

Critique of rollout



URL for sites



https://github.com/Openmedianetwork/openweb/wiki/Draft-TOS-and-website-txt-NGO https://github.com/Openmedianetwork/openweb/wiki/Draft-TOS-and-website-txt-Activist