2 Process and Workflow
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The projects are based on a core/periphery on the organizing and core mission. Organizing the path to being involved is to work in the periphery for a time before being excepted into the core of the project. All the projects are based on the #4opens so the organizing process is public and everyone can have a say, though core decision making can be reserved for the core group if/as needed. How to move from the periphery to the core is a slippery thing.

Core mission is “social change”, the peripheral mission is “social work” so a balance of the too are important.

This is a space to work out how to organise on Gita useing the tools and adding permissioning.

This needs a lot of thought with open as the defult, but closed when needed.

on the editorial side non account, read most things account? editer, edit wiki and issues admin creat repos

  • we need only admins to add repos
  • we need open acess to read the wikis with a account and edit as a team member (maybe needs thinking about)
  • we need to let peole join teams at a basic level with out asking for permission
  • we need "teams" who can bump people up and down the access levels