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#OMN a standards based political software framework to build #KISS and #4opens grassroots semantic web of trust links and flows. We do this by outlining a human understandable workflow and then building apps for real world use. We are agnostic on the underlighing technology and programming as long as it is #4opens based.

With the #OMN project things are going to be messy as there is always mud at the grassroots, soil is the foundation of ALL LIFE. For the working crew you can pretty much do what you like, just run it past #4opens and #PGA before if it a good fit go for it, if your unshore talk to people involved in the core of the project if it does not pass/fit, meany things will not, please don't push it over people involved in the project as this is trolling.


#OMN the feeds are the pipes join the data cauldrons. Site/apps are ladles that scoop out data, we are the hands that hold the ladle. The coding basic iron work framing of these tools.

  • Cauldron - syncing database
  • Pipe - #4opens standard flows of data
  • Ladle - website/app that displays data

An Indymedia Reboot

A video about using the OMN for the reboot.

"It's taking power out of private property and putting it into the commons"

An openweb news and archiving project.

Based on the #4opens

  • Open data
  • Open source
  • Open “industrial” standards
  • Open process

The #OMN process is based on experience of why the IMC project failed.


The Open Media Network is a trust based, human moderated, #4opens project that builds a database shared across many peers. The project is more important for what it DOES NOT DO, than what it does do, useing technology to build human networks.   There are ONLY 5 main functions:  

  • Publish (object to a stream of objects) – to publish a story.  
  • Subscribe (to a stream of objects) – to a person or organization, a page, a group, a subject etc.  
  • Moderate (stream or object) – you can say I like/dislike (push/pull or yes/no) this etc.  
  • Rollback (stream) – you can remove from your flow untrusted historical content by publishing flow/source/tag  
  • Edit (meta data of object/stream) – you can edit the metadata in any site/instance/app you have a login on.   This is the back-end of the project to build a DIY trust based, grassroots, semantic web. The front-end may be anything you like, for example regional-/city-/subject- based indymedia sites. ActivityPub (and compatible protocols) are a cornerstone from which a diverse, federated undertaking may build out from.   The data cauldron and the golden ladle.

Process and workflow

Funding for the #OMN project https://opencollective.com/open-media-network If you are intrested in rebooting the #indymedia project, get involved with the Issues or pages within this Wiki.

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