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Indymedia exists:

  • to enable radical people & groups in the area to publish their news and read news from others with similar interests
  • to be a gateway to alternative culture and politics in the area
  • to facilitate free speech and exchange of news by the wider community, except where this contradicts our politics.

Who we are

Indymedia organises itself along broadly anarchist principles including a believe in decentralisation and participation, and a rejection of hierarchy, capitalism and other forms of oppression. We are an open collective, and welcome anybody who broadly shares our views to play an active role in Indymedia.


We want to offer an alternative to the mainstream corporate media. This is needed because the mainstream media normally act in the interests of those in our society that are powerful; and because many people & groups are oppressed and disenfranchised by these powerful interests they do not have a platform from which to speak with their own voice.

It is important that the area has its own voice that is clearly identifiable as independent, vociferous and active

How Indymedia fulfils its mission

  • We will actively challenge the concept that media belongs to corporate interests, and promote citizen journalism and grass-roots reporting.
  • We will maintain the Indymedia website with (at a minimum) the following functions:
  • Open publishing whereby people can post their news in their own words.
  • Producing high quality feature articles to capture important radical news and movements within the area.
  • An open publishing calendar for people to advertise their own events.
  • We will be accountable and transparent to site users. This includes:
  • Having public and clear editorial guidelines, so people know in advance what may be published on the site.
  • Being open about the reasons why any specific content is removed from the site.
  • Having public and easy-to-find communication tools where anyone can engage with or question decisions about the running of the site.
  • We will strive to be inclusive and to involve a diverse range of people. This includes:
  • Actively encouraging people to take part in the collective, with a specific focus on groups that are oppressed by our society and/or under-represented within the Indymedia Collective.
  • Making decisions based on the principles of consensus and in a non-hierarchical manner.


This Indymedia instance is part of the #openweb fedivers and Global Indymedia network. We endorse the Global Indymedia Principles of Unity. We subscribe to the PGA Hallmarks.

From https://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/oxford/static/mission.html