12 How does indymedia work
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The 'newswire' is a place for grassroots on the ground media reports “news”

Text, photo, audio and video with Who, What, When, Where, Why context.

This is a open space for progressive PGA- and #4opens-friendly content.

The 'feature' column is written by the instance's editorial collective from content posted on the newswire, always linking back to the source(s). This is created in a #4opens way and open to all people active/involved in the IMC.
The "features" are then published by passive consensus - the default approach being that publishing will be automatic within a specified time, unless contested by one or more moderators.

The editorial collective are the affinity group who administer and run their site(s).
This group should have regular #4opens meetings, in person and on the ground whenever possible.

Each IMC aggregates featured stories to other IMC sites on their newswire who share similar interest/geography; where each are recognised as a trusted/moderated source.

All sites link to all other indymedia sites that have gone through the new IMC process [need to dig this up and update it].
Each IMC may also link out to their individual federated network of PGA and #4opens instances, within the fediverse cloud.

Indymedia centers coordinate Citizen Journalists (CJ) for actions and campaigns, they set up on-the-ground media hubs and centers to help with outreach, uploading and networking of media producers and campaigners.
They is always a clear balance between offline as well as online projects.

Indymedia is a news source - opinion, conspiracies, commercial self promotion and “influencers” are not deemed to be news.
We get round most of the mess and crap on #failbook, etc. by being actual news as opposed to opinion.
In this, the 5 W's of news are the key to basic journalism. Anything that does not try to live up to these can be removed as "not news". This gives the admin team a wide leeway to keep the instances on topic.

indymedia is a network not a silio.