Independent Media Network

Dont hate the media, become the media!

Modern ActivityPub compliant server, designed for simplicity and accessibility. Includes calendar, news and sharing economy features to empower your federated community. We are using it for a hyper local indymedia codebase.

Updated 11 hours ago

The idea is to keep it simple to push the control balance from the geek to the users. To use existing tools to build a open network then let the users decide how to use it. Simple. And if you look at the fedivers all this already exists.

Updated 2 months ago

This is a space for the Editorial Collective to talk to each other and run the instance.

Updated 2 years ago

This is a test indymedia for the Stonehenge roads campaign and wider anti roads issues

Updated 2 years ago

Indymedia is an open trust based publishing network that brings to light stories of genuine local/subject concern. The new activertypub codebase project is live.

Updated 3 years ago