The idea is to keep it simple to push the control balance from the geek to the users. To use existing tools to build a open network then let the users decide how to use it. Simple. And if you look at the fedivers all this already exists.
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Indymedia Reboot

Gotta start somewhere and where better than usage code first.


To get a better feel for the content and how it will be interacted with, we start with the front end, trusting it will better inform us on how to shape the back.

While the desktop format reflects the original Indymedia layout, we must design a responsive layout, annoyingly mobile-first for obvious reasons.

We also must preserve accessibility and retain a readable page regardless of whether a user is accessing without JS, or with a command line browser, or a text reader, etc.

Any JS that is used must only provide enhanced function and can never be the only way to get something done.


  • Get public-facing mockup clean enough and behaving acceptably for most screen sizes
  • Article editor
    • Markdown- and WSWG choice
      • This allows for writing articles even without JS yes
    • Do we need any functionality that markdown doesn't provide? dont think so.
  • Database
    • Built around #KISS semantic web, hashtags, flow, ...
    • Fast to search by tag(s)
  • Newswire and Publishing (I/O)
    • RSS
    • ActivityPub
    • Other?