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The Witches Cauldron - Making History.

The open activist archive is a data “commons” based on the #4opens and motivated by the #PGA hallmarks.

We are aiming to create a data soup of metadata enriched digital items hosted on redundant federated network of hosts/servers around the world. The project will start by hosting the majority of the content on http://archive.org

Anyone can be part of this federated network which will be built out using the tools of the Open Media Network #OMN and #KISS to facilitate DIY is at the core of the project. In this as a general statement we REJECT arrogant “expert’s” and “better” technological solutions that move us away from this core #KISS and #DIY ethos. Simple and human scale or we will #FAIL should be in our minds as new people grow the project of #MakingHistory

Is the open actavist/grassroots archiveing project that "Resistance Exhibition" is the UK flow of data.

Outcome: unique collection of original material from across European countries uploaded and stored in a open distributed repository.