TEACL is a fork of TECOC created for the purpose of describing diffs in a document being collaboratively edited
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Blake's Tecoc notes
.TES Teco source file
.TEC Teco macro file (compressed .TES file)
The distribution has a lib directory that has some teco macros. The
SQU macro used to squeze / compress teco source files is included
= display value
Use /nomemory to avoid memory files
mung is just a link to teco
To compile / compress a teco macro file do (np.tes to np.tec):
mung squ np.tec=np.tes/D:N/L:Y/B:Y/T:Y/C:Y/W:N/A:Y/E:N
My macros
bl beginning of line
bw beginning of word
cls clear screen
dw delete word
el end of line
ew end of word
jmp jump to line
np next page - display and move forward one screen
pp previous page - display and move back one screen
0^X case insensitive search mode (default)
-1^X case sensitive search mode
Video mode of tecoc
5,7:w to evoke video display (5 command lines at bottom)
0,7:w video mode off
-4:w to redraw screen
^w put current line at top of screen
A file can be started in video mode with:
teco -scroll:5 myfile on linux or Mac