17 Funding of openweb projects
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Lets rate funding for openweb projects

Can use different ideas, am starting with left/right. If you would like to use a diffrent agenda please open a new page and go for it.

We start with the assumption that 90-100% of funding on this subject is simply pored down the drain, most of it into pointless NGO projects and # fashernista individuals "careers" in this first look am useing very basic definitions.

  • Right-wing is motivated by Fear/control

  • Left-wing is motivated by Trust/open

  • Center - liberal/social democracy agenda

  • NGO - pointlessness, nobody uses it.

Going to start with the best #openweb funders I have found recently https://nlnet.nl/ who have money from NGI Zero which is from the EU

This is DIY feel free to add to this draft, just add you view as Right/Left/Center/NGO before the project and if its different to the other view's maybe add a short text why in brackets.

A list of projects they have supported from their web site:

project description

NGO - LibreCellular Open hardware 4G Mobile Network

Right - AI-VPN Local machine-based learned analysis of VPN trafffic

NGO - Analog/Mixed-Signal Library OSHW component library for ASIC design

Right - Accessible security Integration effort of independent security efforts like Qubes, Heads, coreboot, etc

NGO - OCCRP Aleph disambiguation OCCRP Aleph: disambiguating different people and companies

NGO - AREXERA Crawler C++ based web crawler

Right - Autocrypt for Thunderbird Make email encryption extremely simple

RIGHT - BBBsecureChat Add E2EE instant messaging to Big Blue Button meetings

NGO - Babelia Search engine and crawler in Scheme

NGO - Balthazar One laptop for the new internet age.

NGO/right - Balthazar - One laptop for the new internet age. A secure fully open hardware laptop

Right - Betrusted OS An embedded OS for cryptographic devices

Right - Betrusted software A minimalist and secure OS for embedded communication devices

Right - Betrusted Storage Plausably deniable encrypted storage

Right - Blink RELOAD Secure P2P real-time communications with RELOAD

NGO - Bonfire Search & Discovery Improving search and discoverability in the Fediverse

Left - Briar A secure messaging app with offline capabilities

NGO - Castopod Podcasting in the fediverse

NGO - Castopod Mobile Userfriendly mobile podcasting application

Right? Certbot ECDSA support

NGO - LibrEDA An integrated development environment for chip design

NGO - Zerocat Chipflasher Flashrom Interface Hardware to flash alternative/libre firmware to BIOS chips

NGO - Chips4Makers ASICs

NGO/right? - Supersizing the Gun Chipwhisperer open hardware for side channel analysis

Right - Discover and move your coins by yourself A safe way to explore and work with cryptocurrency forks

??? - Connect by Name Library for easy connection setup

left - Conversations A secure mobile messaging client

NGO - Libre-SOC, Coriolis2 ASIC Layout Collaboration Open tooling for ASIC Layout

??? - Record Federation for Corteza Clouds Data federation over ActivityPub

??? NGO - Corteza Discovery (Geo)search and discovery within federated services

Right - Privacy Infrastructure for Corteza Federations Allow users to locate and browse their private data wherever

NGO - ArtistHub Allow creative artists to gain visibility and build reputation on the web

Right - CryptPad: Project Dialogue Secure surveys and polls for Cryptpad

Right - CryptPad Real-time collaboration with client-side encryption

Right - CryptPad for communities Collaborative web editor with client-side encryption

Right ??? - GNU Guix - Cuirass Continuous integration system for GNU Guix/Linux + Hurd

Right - DCnets Implementation of Dining Cryptographers Network

NGO - Redash Predictive text entry without a keyboard

Right - Dat Private Network Private storage in DAT

Right - Structuring the System Layer with Dataspaces Implementing a secure and scalable system layer on mobile

NGO -DeltaBot Social discovery over mail-based chat

NGO - Dino User-friendly and secure instant messaging

Right - Distributed Private Trust Decentralised trust and reputation system

NGO - How AdTech works Improving public awareness of AdTech and privacy

NGO - EEZ DIB EEZ DIY Instrument Bus

NGO - EGIL SCIM client System for Cross-domain Identity Management

NGO - ELF Linking Analytic tools for UNIX' Executable and Linkable Format

NGO - Edalize ASIC backend Create open hardware silicon with a fully free software toolchain

NGO - EDeA A forge suitable for open hardware development

NGO - AEAP Automated e-mail address porting to a new provider

NGO - Thunderbird - native EteSync integration using TbSync Add encrypted sync to Thunderbird

Right - Etebase (EteSync) - protocol and encryption scheme enhancements Redesign EteSync protocol and encryption scheme

Right - EteSync - iOS application Encrypted synchronisation for calendars, addressbook, etc

Right - Tracking the Trackers Automated scanning for spyware in mobile applications

NGO - FairSync Simplify aggregation and discovery of places and events

left - searx Federating self-hosted search hubs

NGO - FemtoStar Project Open Hardware Communications Satellite

NGO - Fobnail Remote attestation delivered locally

NGO - Folksonomy engine for the food ecosystem Data modelling by the community

left - ForgeFed Federation for software collaboration tools

NGO - Fractal Native client for the Matrix protocol

Right - Fix the Pitch Black Attack in Freenet friend-to-friend routing A decentralized distributed platform for private communication

left - Funkwhale ActivityPub-driven audio streaming and sharing

NGO - Libre/OpenCores FuseSoc backend Discovery and use of open hardware gateware through LibreCores and OpenCores

??? - GNU Name System Authenticated naming system for the internet from GNU project

Right - GNU Mes Help create an operating system we can trust

NGO/right - Full-source GNU Mes on ARM and RISC-V Expand full-source bootstrap to other CPU platforms

NGO/right - GNU Mes on ARM Trustworthy bootstrap for operating systems on ARM ISA

NGO/right - GNU Mes: Full Source bootstrap

NGO/right - GNU Mes Tower GNU Mes with alternative scheme implementations and WASM

Left - GNU social Modernizing the original FOSS Social Network

Right - GNU Taler Advanced electronic payment system for privacy-preserving payments

NGO - Layer-2-Overlay Generalising the GNUnet Layer-2 Overlay for broader usage

Right - GPG Lacre project Best effort encryption of mail flows with OpenPGP

NGO - GNU Guix Discovery of service configurations in a declarative setup

Right - Tooling to improve security and trust in GNU Guix Contextual software vulnerability discovery

NGO - Gash Port Gash to GNU Mes for auditable bootstrap

NGO - Genodepkgs When Genode and Nixpkgs meet

NGO - Geolexica reverse Reverse Semantic Search and Ontology Discovery via Machine Learning

NGO - GoatCounter Privacy-friendly web analytics for small websites

??? - Gosling Generic Onions Services Library Project

NGO - Real time graph database search engine Live filtering on graph database streams

NGO - The Open Green Web Ethical meta-search filter on green hosted websites

left - Hubzilla Federated social networking environment

??? - Implement sound support in the Hurd Add audio capabilities to the multiserver microkernel from GNU

Right - A proof of concept of identity-based encryption Make encryption simpler

Right - IMSI Pseudonymization Better privacy protection for 2G-5G

left - ipfs-search.com Search engine for the Interplanetary File System

??? - IRMA made easy Usability research into attribute based authentication

??? - Icebreaker Gemini centric viewpoint of coding issues and bug tracking

NGO - IN COMMON Public platform to map and act together for the Commons

NGO - In-document search Interoperable Rich Text Changes for Search

NGO - Practical Tools to Build the Context Web Declarative setup of P2P collaboration

NGO - Indigenous Indieweb mobile clients

left - YunoHost and the Internet Cube Solutions for DIY-ISP's and self-hosters

??? - Interpeer Collaboration infrastructure with near real-time p2p data synchronization

NGO - Inventaire Wikidata-based social sharing of reading experiences

NGO - Irdest Llocal P2P mesh discovery of devices and users

Right - JavaScript Restrictor Increasing Security and Privacy of JavaScript APIs

Right - JShelter Cross-browser extension to make javascript less exploitable

Right - End-To-End Encryption for Jitsi Meet Proven strong encryption for open source video conferencing

Right - Verified Differential Privacy for Julia Proving sound privacy guarantees through a type system

NGO - Standardizing KEMTLS Post-quantum TLS without handshake signatures

Right - Kaidan Adding crypto to userfriendly Cross-platform XMPP client

Right - Katzen Meta-data resistant instant messaging over the Katzenpost mixnet

NGO - Kazarma Bridge ActivityPub and Matrix realms

NGO - Keyoxide Self-hostable identity proofs with bidirectional linking verification

Right - Adopt improvements in Email Encryption in KMail

Right - ARPA2 LDAP Middleware Privacy enhancing middleware

NGO - Collabora Online and LibreOffice Improved visual document search for cloud service

NGO - Langsec in Pectore A secure pacemaker created from formal grammars

Left - lemmur A Lemmy mobile client

Left - Lemmy ActivityPub for link aggregation

Left Lemmy Lemmy Federation and ActivityPub compliance

Left - Liberaforms Open source form server

NGO - XMPP-ActivityPub gateway XMPP, ActivityPub and E2EE Pubsub

NGO - Libre-SOC A fully open hardware System-on-a-Chip

NGO/Right - LibreOffice P2P Encrypted collaborative editing in the browser

Right - The Libre-SOC Gigabit Router Native Open Hardware chip implementation of crypto primitives

NGO - LibreSilicon Free/open source semiconductor manufacturing process

NGO - Libre Silicon compiler Synthesize, place and route hardware description to silicon

NGO - Standard Cell Library Open Standard Cell Library with automated dimensioning of transistors

NGO - Port of AMDVLK/RADV 3D Driver to the Libre-SOC Adapt Vulkan Drivers to the Libre-SoC

NGO - Libre-SOC Formal Correctness Proofs Mathematical unit tests for open hardware System-on-Chip

NGO - Libre-SOC Formal Standards Development Formal Standards for OpenPower extensions from Libre-SoC

NGO - Libre-SOC Video Acceleration Optimised video acceleration instructions for Libre RISC-V SoC

??? - Librecast Live Live streaming with multicast

NGO - Lightmeter Email server configuration lifecycle management

??? - Improve usability of Linux firewall userspace tools Userspace tooling for Linux kernel Netfilter

NGO - LumoSQL Create more reliable, distributed embedded databases

NGO - LumoSQL at-rest data security Modern embedded database with encryption and signed data

NGO - Luna A versatile and fast new open-source place and route tool

NGO - Distributed Trust for Web Servers Establishing a Distributed Trust Authority

Left/NGO - MNT Reform A trustworthy open hardware laptop

??? - MPTCP MultiPath TCP

NGO - MaDada Using LinkedData to improve FOI processes

Right - Maemo Leste An independent mobile operating system focused on trustworthiness

??? - Mailpile Search Integration Personal email search engine

NGO - Mangaki Advanced group recommendations

Left - Manyverse An off-line capable privacy-centric social messaging app

Right - Improving Matrix E2E encryption UX Better usability of Matrix.org E2E encryption

Center - MEGA65 Phone A phone simple enough to understand in full

NGO - MeiliSearch Modern and responsive search

NGO - Mepo Lightweight mobile map search

NGO - Practical Decentralised Search and Discovery Search and discovery inside mesh/adhoc networks

NGO - Meta-Press.es A press search engine in your browser

NGo - Meta-Press.es Retrieve news feeds and search locally

??? - Misskey Misskey federation and ActivityPub compliance

NGO - MobileAtlas A distributed open hardware test infrastructure to analyse mobile networks

NGO - MoboSearch Providing an alternative view on the Android App ecosystem

NGO - Mosaic Trustworthy open hardware design tool for electrical engineers

??? - Movim Add OMEMO encryption to Movim XMPP client

NGO - Mynij Portable indexing and search engine for mobile

NGO - NEFUSI: A novel NEuroFUzzy approach for semantic SImilarity assessment

Right - Naisho Efficiently combine end-to-end encryption with CRDTs

??? - Namecoin: TLS Various TLS integrations for Namecoin

??? - Namecoin: ZeroNet and Packaging Make ZeroNet work with Namecoin

??? - Namecoin: Core Infrastructure Alternative domain name system

??? - eoChat Native Matrix encrypted instant messaging client

Right - neuropil Privacy by design P2P search including IoT

Right - neuropil DHT based overlay network

??? - Nextcloud Unified and intelligent search within private cloud data

Right - Nitrokey Open hardware for encryption and authentication

Right - NoScript Contextual Policies & LAN protection (ABE Quantum) Application Boundaries Enforcer (ABE) for new generation of browsers

Right - Adopting the Noise Key Exchange in Tox Improved security of Tox instant messaging with NoiseIK

Right - Nominatim Multi-lingual support in address search

NGO - Nym Credentials A decentralised solution for authentication

NGO - Nyxt A programmable browser with advanced search integration

NGO - Open Know-How Search Search Open Hardware Projects

NGO - OSF Crawler Cooperation Support Infrastructure for Open Search initiatives

Right - Off-the-Record messaging version 4 Advanced protocol for secure messaging

NGO - Offen Privacy-respecting site analytics

NGO - Omnom Self-hosted bookmarking and snapshotting with search

??? - OnBaSca Tor Bandwidth Scanner

NGO/right - Opaque Sphinx Secure password-based authentication with Opaque/Sphinx

NGO/right - Opaque Sphinx Server and Clients Server and tools for modern authentication

NGO/right - OpenCryptoHW CGRA- based reconfigurable open-source cryptographic IP cores

NGO - Open Source DRTM implementation with TrenchBoot for AMD processors Unified framework for dynamic RTM

Right - Personal Food Facts Privacy protecting personalized information about food

NGO - Open Hospitality Network Federated hospitality with ActivityPub

NGO - Openki.net Make local events and meetups discoverable

??? - OpenPGP Certificate Authority Managing OpenPGP keys for communities and organisation

??? - Improving OpenSSH's Authentication and PKI through OpenPGP Improving SSH Authentication with OpenPGP transitive trust

??? - Hardening OpenPGP CA deployments HSM support for OpenPGP key infrastructure

??? - 802.11n feature of openwifi Open Hardware implementation of wifi

Left - Owncast ActivityPub powered Livecasting

NGO - P2Pcollab Decentralised social search and discovery

NGO - PGP4civiCRM Add email encryption to CRM

NGO - Securing PLCs via embedded Open-Source protocol adapters Open hardware protocol adapters for industrial automation

NGO - PRESC Classifier Copies Package Implementing Machine Learning Copies as a Means for Black Box Model Evaluation and Remediation

NGO - The PeARS app Building low-resource Web search applications from cognitive models

NGO - PeerDB Search for semantic and full-text data

left - PeerTube A decentralised streaming video platform

left - Peertube-Desktop Enjoy and share federated videos

left - Extending PeerTube Adding advanced search capabailities to PeerTube

NGO - Peppol for the masses Hybrid self-hosted e-invoicing with decentralized identities

NGO - A Distributed Software Stack For Co-operation Facilitating easy ad hoc cooperation

Left - PixelDroid Share and browse photos in the fediverse with a mobile app

left - Pixelfed Live Live streaming and other Pixelfed enhancements

left - Pixelfed ActivityPub driven decentralised photo sharing platform

NGO - Plaudit Make good science discoverable through endorsements

NGO - Poliscoops Make political news and online debate accessible

??? - Privacy Enhancements for PowerDNS and DNSdist Make it easier to deploy private DoT/DoH resolvers

Right - PrivateRecSys Privacy-Friendly Recommendation System

??? - Private Searx Add private resources to the open source Searx metasearch engine

Right - Qubes OS Bring the security of Qubes OS to people with disabilities

??? - GNUnet Formalisation within IETF of R5N Distributed Hash Table design

NGO - RISC-V Phone Open hardware RISC-V Phone

Right - RNP Confium Distributed trust store enabling threshold encryption

??? - Re-isearch Vectorise text with a flexible unit of retrieval

NGO - Redwax Standardisation of client side PKI interfaces

NGO - Reowolf Rip and replace for BSD socket insecurity

NGO - Graphics acceleration on Replicant Free software graphics drivers for mobile phones

NGO - Finish porting Replicant to a newer Android version Alternative, free software version of Android

Right - Ricochet Refresh Anonymous, meta-data free secure messaging

??? - Ripple Safer and faster incremental software builds

NGO - Robotnix Reproducible Builds of Android with NIX

Right - Robur privacy-enhanced DNS resolver and DHCP server Secure network configuration and DNS resolution

Right/NGO - Rust Threadpool Improve privacy of Rust threading library

NGO/center - Great OCR for SANE Integrate OCR capabilities into open source scanning tools

??? - SASL XMSS Make SASL work with XMSS protocol

??? - SASL Works for the InternetWide Architecture Integrate new authentication mechanisms into SASL

NGO - N-RAINS RAINS, Another Internet Naming Service (or, a DNS alternative)

NGO - SCION-Pathdiscovery Secure and reliable decentralized storage platform

??? - Geographic tagging and discovery of Internet Routing and Forwarding

??? - SOLID Data Workers Toolkit to ingest data into SOLID

??? - SWH package manager Data Ingestion Add Package managers to Software Heritage

NGO - Storing Efficiently Our Software Heritage Faster retrieval within Software Heritage

NGO - SpinalHDL, VexRiscv, SaxonSoc Open Hardware System-on-Chip design framework based on SpinalHDL

NGO - SEARXR Virtual reality for web search

Left - searx A privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine

??? - SeedVault Private backups of mobile applications

??? - Adding TPM Support to Sequoia PGP Implement use of TPM 2.0 crypto hardware for OpenPGP

??? - Sequoia GPG Chameleon Implement well-known API's for using OpenPGP

center - Simmel A wearable contact tracing beacon/scanner

left/NGO - Software Heritage Collect, preserve and share the source code of all software ever written

left/NGO - Peer-to-Peer Access to Our Software Heritage Access Software Heritage data via IPFS DHT

??? - Solid Application Interoperability

??? - Solid-NextCloud app Bridge Nextcloud to Solid

??? - Solid-Search Queries in a pod

??? - Solid Control Access Control mechanism for data and services within Solid

NGO - Sonar: a modular peer-to-peer search engine for the next-generation web Modular peer-to-peer search engine

Right - Spectrum A security through compartmentalization based operating system

??? - Secure User Interfaces (Spritely) Usability of decentralised social media

??? - Spritely Capability based petname system

NGO - ARPA2 Steamworks ARPA2 Steamworks

Left - StreetComplete Fix open geodata with OpenStreetMap

Left - StreetComplete Collaborative editing in OpenStreetMap

Left - StreetComplete UX Improve usability of StreetComplete

NGO - Suhosin-NG Harness PHP 7 applications

NGO - Sylk chat Add instant messaging features to Sylk

NGO - Sylk Client Secure multiparty videoconferencing application

NGO - Sylk Mobile Secure real-time mobile communications

NGO - Timing-Driven Place-and-Route (TDPR) Open hardware tool to synthesize digital silicon circuits

NGO - RETETRA Security Analysis of Proprietary Cryptography in Terrestrial Trunked Radio

??? - TLS-KDH mbed Implement TLS-KDH into mbed

NGO - Tantum Search Context-enhanced search driven by schema.org

??? - Padding Machines for Tor Protect metadata in the Tor onion routing network

NGO - Transparency Toolkit A decentralized hosted archiving service with search

NGO - TrustING Ultrafast AS-level Public-Key Infrastructure

NGO - Build Transparency (Trustix) Towards a decentralized supply chain for software

NGO - Trustix Make build logs available as publicly verifiable, tamper-proof Merkle trees

NGO - Tvix Alternative Rust-based software build transparency

NGO - TypeCell CRDT-based collaborative block-based editor

NGO - ULX3M A modular open hardware FPGA platform

??? - URL Frontier Develop a API between web crawler and frontier

NGO - Universal DID Resolver and Registrar Tooling for decentralized identifiers

Right - ValOS Cryptographic Content Security project Cryptographic Content Security for ValOS

Right - variation graph (vgteam) Privacy enhanced search within e.g. genome data sets

Right - Noise Explorer-VerifPal Automated proofs and code generation for secure protocols

NGO - Verifpal Prove soundness of verification in Verifpal

NGO/right - VFRAME: Visual Defense Tools Use computer-vision to shield privacy in video

NGO - video box Affordable open hardware video-to-network

RIGHT/center - Video chat privacy Add privacy features to video chats

Right/cneter - Waasabi Framework P2P Live Streaming for events

NGO - Web Annotation Building blocks for interoperable annotation systems

??? - WebXray Discovery Expose tracking mechanism in search hubs

NGO - Web Shell Desktop and security environment for web apps

NGO/center - XWiki Bring wiki capabilities into the Fediverse

??? - WikiRate Insights Transforming WikiRate ESG Platform User Experience to Maximise Reliable Data Insights

left - Wireguard Windows client Native Wireguard protocol client for Windows

NGO - Wireguard Rust Implementation Implementation of WireGuard in a type safe language

??? - Wishbone Streaming Add Streaming capabilities to Wishbone

Left - WordPress ActivityPub Bring ActivityPub social networking to the widely used Wordpress

left - XWiki ActivityPub First class ActivityPub support in XWiki

??? - YaCy Grid SaaS

NGO - Yrs Collaborative editing with CRDT written in Rust

Right - ZSipOs Open hardware for telephony encryption

Right - ARPA2 Working towards a decentralised global internet that offers security and privacy by design.

??? - GnuTLS Implement TLS-KDH in GnuTLS

??? - ARPA2 resource ACL and HTTP SASL modules for NGINX Extend consistent access control to NGINX webserver

Right - betrusted A protected hardware device for your private matters.

NGO - Bitmask User-friendly and secure VPN configuration

??? - Conferences sponsoring of various conferences

??? - Reinstatement of crypto.signText() Cryptographic signatures brought back to the browser

NGO - Democratic Sendcomm An easy to use connected open hardware device with a flat learning curve

??? - dhcpcanon Network configuration with better privacy

Right/NGO - DIME A new encrypted, end-to-end email protocol

??? - Distributed Mechanism Learning Privacy preserving ways of distributed data usage

??? - Donations smaller contributions to various activities

??? - ipfs-search.com Index DHT based distributed webs

??? - eduVPN app Add Wireguard protocol to federated VPN suite

??? - eduVPN on Apple eduVPN for Apple devices

??? - eduVPN on Apple part II Improved version of eduVPN for Apple devices

??? - eduVPN multi-protocol Review of the eduVPN multi-protocol project.

??? - eduVPN Making secure VPN network technology available to everyone

NGO - elRepo.io - Resilient, human-centered, distributed content sharing and discovery. Resilient, human-centered, distributed content sharing and discovery.

NGO - Explain Direct Providing effective and efficient access paradigms for open educational material

NGO - Fashion Freedom Supporting research, development, and education to bring the fashion industry into the 21st century

??? - fediverse.space Find your way in the Fediverse

NGO - FileSender FileSender is a secure and private way to share large files with anyone.

NGO - fwupd Automatic Firmware updates for BSD operating systems

NGO - GetDNS Deliver DNSSEC as a building block in harsh environments

NGO - Global Directories Distributed contact information discovery mechanism

Right/NGO - Pretty Easy Privacy At scale simulation over GNUnet with different realistic user behavior scenarios

NGO - GUN P2P Encryption A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine

??? - Hackathons contributions to various hackathons

Right/NGO - Internet of Coins Create a decentralized, self-sustaining economy by implementing inter-blockchain connectivity

??? - Handling Data from IPv6 Scanning Scanning tools for scaling up IPv6 scans

NGO - iuh-openbsc An open source implementation of 3G

NGO - Katzenpost Observation resistant secure messaging layer

NGO - Key Management Key Management

NGO - DNSSEC Key Signing Suite A best practise for DNSSEC Key Signing

left - libresilient Create robust web presence with service workers and DHT

??? - libspng A fast and safe implementation of Portable Network Graphics

??? - lpnTPM TPM 2.0 compliant open hardware Trusted Platform Module

NGO - Securing Shared Decentralised Live Information with m-ld Collaborative editing of LInked Data based on CRDT

NGO - Minedive P2P search over webRTC

NGO - mobile-nixos NixOS for mobile phones and tablets

RIGHT/NGO - Namecoin Decentralized, censorship resist Internet infrastructure for e.g. DNS and identities

??? - Faster and configurable datapath/Linux xfrm Rewriting nftables to optimise for xfrm

??? - Nixcloud Mail Declarative mail server based on NixOS

??? - Nixcloud Webservices Declarative web services based on NixOS

??? - Software vulnerability discovery Automating discovery of software update and vulnerabilities

NGO -node-Tor Implementation of Tor protocols for inside webpages

NGO - offen Ethical site analytics, controlled by the user

NGO - openEngiadina Platform for creating, publishing and using open local knowledge

Right - oqsprovider Post-quantum/quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms for OpenSSL

NGO - pcb-rnd Modular printed circuit board editor

NGO/right - Pitchfork Open hardware for compartmentalizing key material and cryptographic operations

NGO/right - Pitchfork PKCS#11 Contribute to OASIS standardisation PKCS#11 v3

right - PKCS#11 v3 Contribute to standardisation of PKCS#11 for cryptographic tokens

NGO - postmarketOS An independent mobile operating system

Right - Privacy Preserving Disease Tracking Research into contact tracing privacy

NGO - RaptorJIT RaptorJIT is a high-performance Lua virtual machine for network dataplanes.

NGO - Modular CA Modular infrastructure for building secure internet services

??? - Remote PKCS#11 Remote usage of PKCS#11

NGO - SDR PHY Create a GSM mobile phone consisting of completely open source software and SDR radio

Right - x86-64-bit Virtual Machine Monitor for seL4 verified microkernel Very restricted virtualized environment for higher security

NGO/??? - Search and Displace Find and redact privacy sensitive information

Right - SecuShare A framework for sufficiently safe social interaction

Right/ngo - Secushare Box Operating system extension of Secushare for hardware devices

??? - Serval-LR SERVAL Long-range WiFi Add-on

NGO - Magic Wormhole/SPAKE2 Securely send files between two computers with minimum fuss

Right - Stubby A local DNS Privacy stub resolver using DNS-over-TLS

NGO/right - TLS-KDH Combined Kerberos and Diffie-Hellman as an authentication mechanism for TLS

NGO - TOS;DR A user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies

NGO - Tracking Exposed Increase transparency behind personalization algorithms

Right/ngo - Trusted Boot Module An open hardware trusted boot manager

Right/ngo - Vita A fast IPSEC-based VPN gateway

Right/ngo - Vita A high performance IPSEC implementation

NGO - Free Software Vulnerability Database A resource to aggregate software updates

NGO - Nixcloud Declarative internet services based on NixOS

Right - WireGuard A fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography

Right - Wireguard Take modern network tunnels to the next level

NGO - WPIA CA Infrastructure Deployment infrastructure for certificate authorities

NGO - xqerl Performant (Erlang) implementation of W3C XQuery and XML database

NLnet Foundation currently supports the following projects with in-kind contributions:

The Commons Conservancy Legal infrastructure for public benefit efforts

NLnet Labs Independent lab for Internet infrastructure development