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A very flexible, lightweight and fully asynchronous HTTP server library based on libev and http-parser for Embedded Linux.


  • Lightweight and fully asynchronous
  • Use libev as its event backend
  • Support HTTPS - OpenSSL, mbedtls and CyaSSl(wolfssl)
  • Support HTTP pipelining
  • Support IPv6
  • Support plugin
  • Support upload large file
  • Support HTTP range requests
  • Support multi-process model - The same multi-process model as Nginx
  • Flexible - you can easily extend your application to have HTTP/HTTPS services
  • Code structure is concise and understandable, also suitable for learning


  • libev - A full-featured and high-performance event loop
  • http-parser - A high performance parser for HTTP messages written in C
  • mbedtls - If you choose mbedtls as your SSL backend
  • wolfssl - If you choose wolfssl as your SSL backend
  • openssl - If you choose openssl as your SSL backend



$ wrk -t4 -c400 -d10s http://localhost:80/test.html
Running 10s test @ http://localhost:80/test.html
4 threads and 400 connections
Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
	Latency     3.54ms    7.32ms 224.58ms   93.30%
	Req/Sec    40.63k    12.49k   96.29k    74.50%
1622012 requests in 10.05s, 385.09MB read
Requests/sec: 161390.39
Transfer/sec:     38.32MB


$ wrk -t4 -c400 -d10s http://localhost:8080/test.html
Running 10s test @ http://localhost:8080/test.html
4 threads and 400 connections
Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
	Latency     2.12ms    3.01ms  31.30ms   89.26%
	Req/Sec    70.87k    12.53k  142.54k    79.75%
2826394 requests in 10.05s, 547.18MB read
Requests/sec: 281328.83
Transfer/sec:     54.46MB


See which configuration are supported

~/libuhttpd/$ mkdir build && cd build
~/libuhttpd/build$ cmake .. -L
~/libuhttpd/build$ cmake .. -LH

Build and install

~/libuhttpd/build$ make && sudo make install

Run Example


~/libuhttpd/build$ ./example/simple_server -v

Then use the command curl or browser to test

$ curl '' -v

Install on OpenWrt

opkg update
opkg list | grep libuhttpd
opkg install libuhttpd-nossl

If the install command fails, you can compile it yourself.



If you would like to help making libuhttpd better, see the file.