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@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ You can audit your source filesystem using ZIP GUIs e.g. Win10, InfoZip.
If you want to be able to distribute binaries in binary only form, then
please send $1,000 to Justine Tunney <> on PayPal, for
a license lasting 1 year. This README will be updated in the event that
this needs to change. Feel free to reach if there's anything you need.
this needs to change. Please reach out if there's anything you need.
## Contributing
@ -269,7 +269,25 @@ and [libc/sysv/]. Magic numbers are usually stabler than API
interfaces cf. NPM but we should ideally have fewer of them, similar to
how SI has sought to have fewer defining physics constants.
## About
Cosmopolitan mostly stands on the shoulders of giants and has few novel
ideas, aside from taking care of low-level build system toil, so coding
can become more beautifully pleasant.
Cosmopolitan is maintained by Justine Tunney, who previously worked on
projects like TensorFlow, [Operation Rosehub], [Nomulus], and Google's
tape backups sre team. She's also helped radical activists by operating
the [Occupy Wall Street] website. Justine Tunney currently isn't on the
payroll of any company. She's been focusing on Cosmopolitan because she
wants to give back to Free Software which helped her be successful. See
her [LinkedIn] profile for further details on her professional history.
[Occupy Wall Street]:
[Operation Rosehub]:
[ansitrinsics library]: libc/intrin
[ape/]: ape/
[dsp/scale/cdecimate2xuint8x8.c]: dsp/scale/cdecimate2xuint8x8.c