Darth Raadt is holding the Bell Labs ABI hostage

The binary system interfaces designed at Bell Labs were what helped our
friends like Linus Torvalds become successful. It's why Torvalds always
respected syscall abi and made every effort to not break the userspace.

Sadly OpenBSD developer Theo de Raadt thinks respecting Bell interfaces
is a risk for security and conjured up the Return Oriented Programming
bogeyman to justify his policies, per https://lwn.net/Articles/806776/

See libc/nexgen32e/gc.S where we use ROP concepts for garbage collection
in C due to our belief that powerful programming techniques can be good.
See https://opensource.googleblog.com/2017/03/operation-rosehub.html for
an example of something similar to rop but potentially more of a concern
Justine Tunney 3 years ago
parent 2e979c00c3
commit b1755cea5d
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@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
#define METAL 2
#define WINDOWS 4
#define XNU 8
#define OPENBSD 16
#define OPENBSD 16 /* 2019-12-11: new openbsd drm might thwart syscall */
#define FREEBSD 32
/* #define YOUR_CLOUD_PLATFORM_HERE 64 /\* jtunney@gmail.com *\/ */
/* #define YOUR_CLOUD_PLATFORM_HERE 128 /\* jtunney@gmail.com *\/ */