A look at what xmpp is, how to use it and why it's important in relation to an Open Media Network.

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this is a space for trying to make WP into a publishing tool for OMN and indymediaback

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TEACL is a fork of TECOC created for the purpose of describing diffs in a document being collaboratively edited

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This is a maintenance fork of a C implementation of the SipHash algorithm

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We use this for adding RSS feeds to the data soup

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This is a test indymedia for the Stonehenge roads campaign and wider anti roads issues

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Use QGroundControl to quickly plan survey missions, then export, convert and inject into DJI GO 4.

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visionOntv aims for the widest distribution of video for social change. It is part of the Open Media Network #OMN This is a peertube install

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A non spying #openweb search engine Please talk about searx here

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OMN projects - the campaign.openworlds.info and activism.openworlds.info #4opens mastodon installs. Please talk about them here.

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(OGB) This is a space for working through Governance of horizontal projects - using #KISS online tools.

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This is the space to talk about the Gita and the wider #OMN projects. The #4opens are a kinda of constitution that keeps the “post truth world” at bay. As long as you keep the #4opens in place and respect the diversity they hold in place.

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The Witches Cauldron The open activist archive is a data “commons” based on the #4opens and motivated by the #PGA hallmarks.

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Tracking fork of Lua, because no unwrapped dependencies means *no* unwrapped dependencies

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This is a maintenance fork of libuhttpd

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This is maintenance fork

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The idea is to keep it simple to push the control balance from the geek to the users. To use existing tools to build a open network then let the users decide how to use it. Simple. And if you look at the fedivers all this already exists.

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This is a space for the Editorial Collective to talk to each other and run the instance.

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Naive is-alive check for your servers

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Worth looking at for organiseing spaces #4opens

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