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File Commands
EX save file - exit
EBfile open file for input/output with backup
ERfile open input file for reading
EWfile open output file for writing
EC save buffer - clear buffer - close input/output files
EF close output file
EK kill current output file (abort edit)
Y read the next page
P save page - read next page
nP perform n Ps
Positioning Commands
J jump to beginning of buffer
nJ jump to character position n
L beginning of next line
nL move n relative lines (0 means beginning of line)
C move forward one character
nC move n characters
R move reverse one character
nR move n relative characters
Stext$ search buffer for text (position after search string)
(if no text use previous search text)
Ntext$ search entire file from current position
nS search for the nth occurance (negative n means reverse)
nN search for the nth occurance (all pages)
Type Commands
T type current position to EOL
nT type n relative lines (0 means from BOL)
HT type whole buffer
V view whole current line
nV view n lines around current line
Text modification commands
Itext$ insert text
@I/txt/ insert txt (may contain escapes)
K kill to EOL
nK kill n relative lines (0 meands BOL to current position)
HK kill whole buffer
D delete one character
nD delete n relative characters
FDtext$ find and delete text
FKtext$ find and kill from initial location to final location
FRtext$ replace last found text with text
Constants & Misc. Commands
Z number of characters in the buffer
B 0
. current position
= display value
n<cmd> execute command string cmd n times
n^Q convert line offset (from 0) to character offset
(only works when starting from beginning of buffer)
Command Line
^U erase command line
*q put last command line into q register q
Q Register Commands
nUq put n into q register q
Qq get value from q register q
^Uqstr put string str into q register q
nXq copy next n (default 1) lines into q register q
n:Xq append next n lines into q register q
Gq get text in q register q and insert into buffer
Mq execute macro commands in q register q