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Notes from Blake McBride (blake@mcbride.name)
Video support under Linux & Mac OS/X has been restored. Getting it to
work under Windows would probably be easy (given ncurses support).
See the makefile's for instructions on enabling or disabling video
When a file is being edited, you can execute: 5,7:w$$ to enter video
mode (the $ is the escape key). The "5" means 5 scroll lines at the
bottom of the screen. The remaining screen space is for the video
Video mode can be exited with: 0,7:w$$
As shown below, you can also startup in video mode using:
teco -scroll:5 myfile.txt
Original notes
Command line
------- ----
Don't separate input into pages. Instead, treat form feeds
as normal characters.
where nnn is any number of digits. Go to line number nnn and
set NOPAGE. Note this uses the UNIX end of line convention
for use with cc output &c. The non-unix line termination will
still be used for nL and other intrinsic TECO commands, this just
controls the starting line AT INVOCATION.
do nnn,7:w
do nnn,7:W and 1,3:W
Same as /INSPECT
^W Immediate mode command - try to place line containing dot in
centre of scope window
-4W Complete redraw of screen
-1W Stop refreshing scope before each prompt
1W Start refreshing scope before each prompt
0W refresh scope
3:w Seeall Mode (set to 1 if SeeAll is on, 0 otherwise)
seeall is more unix style then you might expect
5:w Hold mode is not properly implemented. I don't like it anyway.
7:W Number of lines in command window. The size of the scope window
will be (Rows - 7:W (- 1 if ET&256))
8:w Attribute for special characters. This is highly implementation
dependent (curses implementation dependent). Under SUN OS 4.1
0 - no marking
1 - underline
2 - reverse
4 - blink
8 - dim
16 - bold
currently controls marking of <CR> `
9:W Bit 0 - keypad support on
Bit 1 - do not do timeout escape sequence detection
ET&1 image mode - doesn't really do much with curses version
ET&2 use scope for delete and control-U
ET&4 accept lowercase input
ET&32 read with no wait on control-T (unimplemented - easy though)
ET&2048 reverse roles of BS and DEL (good if you use stty erase ^H,
in particular the key placement of BS is sometimes much easier
to get at then DEL). Should I have it detect the kill character
and automatically set this?
ET&8192 accept ` as escape (for VT220 terminals)
ET&16384 special VT200 mode
ET&32768 trap control-C
EZ&1 if false VMS style versioning for backup files (multiple backups)
if true only one backup level (foo, foo.bak)
EZ&8 if TRUE use LARROW (<) for CR, if false use `
EZ&16 if set then prefer audio beep else visual flash
EZ&32 winline divider for scope
EZ&128 if set DO NOT stop read on FF otherwise make pages as usual
EZ&256 UNIX NL-convert LF to <CR><LF> on input and invert on output
ED&512 controls scope display. If set will use VT100 line drawing
characters for CR and LF (in non-scope mode). May degrade
EZ&2048 if set use BTEE for end of buffer, else use DIAMOND
(desirable for pathological terminal types)
EZ&8192 don't show CR in scope - closer to TECO-11, but really
not as good in my opinion (Mark Henderson)