TEACL is a fork of TECOC created for the purpose of describing diffs in a document being collaboratively edited
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        TECO-C (version number 146)
Copyright 1983, 1990 by Pete Siemsen. This software is provided to
you free of charge for your own use. Use it as you see fit; if it doesn't
work, I disclaim all responsibility. You may re-distribute this software
UNCHANGED only if you include this copy-right notice. Alternatively, if
you change this software, you may re-distribute the result only if you
include BOTH this copyright notice, AND an additional notice identifying
you and indicating that you have changed the software.
This program is still under development. See file PROBLEMS.TXT for
notes I've written to myself about things to do to the program. If you
modify this code to enhance it or fix a bug, please communicate the changes
to me. My address is
Pete Siemsen
645 Ohio Avenue #302
Long Beach, Ca. 90814
(213) 433-3059 (home)
(213) 740-7391 (work)
Internet: siemsen@usc.edu
[NOTE -- This is old information. Better to contact me, Tom Almy, below.]
This archive contains TECO-C modified and compiled for DOS, Win32,
OS/2, and Linux (on Intel 32bit architecture). The modifications have been made by:
Tom Almy
who is a "old time" TECO user. Not only did I port TECO-C but I also
corrected some bugs. For OS/2 modified the file backup algorithm to do
copying rather than renaming as an option. This makes it Workplace
Shell friendly. The Win32, Linux and OS/2 versions allow long file names.
Included files in this archive:
readme.1st This file
readme.txt Operating and install instructions for Linux users
wchart.txt List of all the implemented commands.
teco.doc The official teco reference. TECOC IS CLOSE TO TECO-11 IN FUNCTIONALITY
tecoc Executable
Make link to tecoc
mung link to tecoc
teco link to tecoc
Inspect link to tecoc
*.tes TECO command files for various things
*.tec Compressed TECO command files
src: Full source files