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This function executes a control-Y command.
^Y <CTRL/Y> (caret/Y) is equivalent to ".+^S,.", the n,m
numeric argument spanning the text just searched for or
inserted. This value may be used to recover from
inserting a string in the wrong place. Type "^YXSFR`"
to store the string in Q-register S and remove it from
the buffer. You can then position the pointer to the
right place and type "GS" to insert the string.
[TECO-11 only]
#include "zport.h" /* define portability identifiers */
#include "tecoc.h" /* define general identifiers */
#include "defext.h" /* define external global variables */
DEFAULT ExeCtY() /* execute ^Y command */
MArgmt = (GapBeg-EBfBeg) + RefLen; /* set m part of m,n pair */
CmdMod |= MARGIS; /* say that m part exists */
return PushEx((LONG)(GapBeg-EBfBeg), OPERAND); /* push n part */