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This function executes a ^A (control-A or caret-A) command.
^Atext^A Types "text" on the terminal. The closing
character must be a control-A.
@^A/text/ Equivilent to ^A except text can be bracketed
with any character, avoids need for second ^A.
#include "zport.h" /* define portability identifiers */
#include "tecoc.h" /* define general identifiers */
#include "defext.h" /* define external global variables */
#include "dchars.h" /* define identifiers for characters */
DEFAULT ExeCtA() /* execute a ^A (control-A) command */
if (FindES(CTRL_A) == FAILURE) { /* find end of string */
DBGFEX(1,DbgFNm,"FAILURE, FindES() failed");
return FAILURE;
TypBuf(ArgPtr, CBfPtr);
CmdMod = '\0'; /* clear modifiers flags */
EStTop = EStBot; /* clear expression stack */
return SUCCESS;