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#include "libc/nt/struct/drawtextparams.h"
#include "libc/nt/struct/paintstruct.h"
#include "libc/nt/struct/rect.h"
#if !(__ASSEMBLER__ + __LINKER__ + 0)
#if 0
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int64_t BeginPaint(int64_t hWnd, struct NtPaintStruct *lpPaint);
int32_t EndPaint(int64_t hWnd, const struct NtPaintStruct *lpPaint);
int32_t BitBlt(int64_t hdc, int x, int y, int cx, int cy, int64_t hdcSrc,
int x1, int y1, uint32_t rop);
int32_t GetClientRect(int64_t hWnd, struct NtRect *lpRect);
int32_t GetWindowRect(int64_t hWnd, struct NtRect *lpRect);
int32_t SetBkMode(int64_t hdc, int mode);
uint32_t SetTextColor(int64_t hdc, uint32_t color);
uint32_t SetTextAlign(int64_t hdc, uint32_t align);
int32_t SetTextJustification(int64_t hdc, int extra, int count);
int32_t DrawText(int64_t hdc, const char16_t *lpchText, int cchText,
struct NtRect *lprc, uint32_t format);
int32_t DrawTextEx(int64_t hdc, char16_t *lpchText, int cchText,
struct NtRect *lprc, uint32_t format,
struct NtDrawTextParams *lpdtp);
int32_t FillRect(int64_t hDC, const struct NtRect *lpRC, int64_t hBrush);
#endif /* !(__ASSEMBLER__ + __LINKER__ + 0) */