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#if 0
│ To the extent possible under law, Justine Tunney has waived │
│ all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this file, │
│ as it is written in the following disclaimers: │
│ • │
│ • │
#include "libc/calls/calls.h"
#include "libc/calls/hefty/spawn.h"
#include "libc/calls/struct/rusage.h"
#include "libc/log/check.h"
#include "libc/log/log.h"
#include "libc/math.h"
#include "libc/runtime/runtime.h"
#include "libc/stdio/stdio.h"
#include "libc/str/str.h"
#include "libc/sysv/consts/fileno.h"
#include "libc/time/time.h"
void Show(const char *name, long measurement, const char *unit) {
fprintf(stderr, "%-*s%,*d %s\n", 32, name, 32, measurement, unit);
long TvToUs(struct timeval tv) {
return 1000000l * tv.tv_usec + tv.tv_sec;
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
const char *exe;
int pid, wstatus;
long double ts1, ts2;
struct rusage rusage;
char pathbuf[PATH_MAX];
memset(&rusage, -1, sizeof(rusage));
CHECK_GT(argc, 1);
CHECK_NOTNULL((exe = commandv(argv[1], pathbuf)));
ts1 = nowl();
CHECK_NE(-1, (pid = spawnve(0, NULL, exe, &argv[1], environ)));
CHECK_NE(-1, wait4(pid, &wstatus, 0, &rusage));
ts2 = nowl();
Show("wall time", lroundl((ts2 - ts1) * 1e9l), "ns");
Show("user time", TvToUs(rusage.ru_utime), "µs");
Show("sys time", TvToUs(rusage.ru_stime), "µs");
Show("maximum resident set size", rusage.ru_maxrss, "");
Show("integral shared memory size", rusage.ru_ixrss, "");
Show("integral unshared data size", rusage.ru_idrss, "");
Show("integral unshared stack size", rusage.ru_isrss, "");
Show("minor page faults", rusage.ru_minflt, "");
Show("major page faults", rusage.ru_majflt, "");
Show("swaps", rusage.ru_nswap, "");
Show("block input ops", rusage.ru_inblock, "");
Show("block output ops", rusage.ru_oublock, "");
Show("ipc messages sent", rusage.ru_msgsnd, "");
Show("ipc messages received", rusage.ru_msgrcv, "");
Show("signals received", rusage.ru_nsignals, "");
Show("voluntary context switches", rusage.ru_nvcsw, "");
Show("involuntary context switches", rusage.ru_nivcsw, "");
return WEXITSTATUS(wstatus);